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"Guided Imagery is a process of deliberately using your imagination to help you mind and body heal, stay well, or perform well. It's a kind of directed, deliberate daydream, a purposeful creation of positive sensory images--sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feel--in your imagination."

— Belleruth Naparstek, Staying Well with Guided Imagery

Deborah Hudson, Licensed Professional Counselor
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What is Guided Imagery?

Guided imagery is a tool for harnessing a person’s imagination for creative approaches to life’s challenges. In my work, I use Interactive Guided ImagerySM specifically. After a thorough history is taken, clients are taught simple breathing and relaxation techniques, and are gently guided to develop an inner refuge where they feel safe and peaceful. From this foundation, images are invited to “bubble up” in response to questions. Clients are then guided to interactively explore relevant issues. By engaging in this process, people are able to learn a great deal about their own inner landscape and resources for healing.

One popular example of guided imagery’s efficacy is in the psychological preparation for surgery. It is supported by research, endorsed by some insurance companies, and offered by thousands of hospitals and surgery centers.

Imagery is utilized to provide patients with a customized program to prepare them for surgery (or other invasive procedures). Patients usually need one to three sessions before surgery for a personalized exploration of concerns.  They will also receive an imagery CD for use before, during, and after surgery.  Post procedure follow-up is provided.


Why prepare psychologically for surgery?

Research indicates that people can have a more positive experience by learning to influence certain bodily functions.  Gaining some control over these may translate to:

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What are people saying about guided imagery for surgery preparation?